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Those people are dumber than a second coat of paint George Carlin
In a battle of wits he's a pacifist out of necessity. unknown
Your head is where ideas go to die Dilbert
I was just uh getting the specs on the uh end line for the rotary girder...I'm retarded Tommy Boy
This guy was so dumb if it was raining soup he'd stand outside with a fork Unknown
If idiots could fly this place would be an airport The Internet
What're you asking me for?? I get my news from the radio in Grand Theft Auto 30 Rock
If wit was shit you'd be constipated unknown
Why don't you use your misplaced acorn of a brain before the squirrel who put it there gets hungry and comes looking Locke Lamora
He'd have to take off his shoes and pants to count to 21 Locke Lamora
You wouldn't have the brains to find the ground if i threw you out of a window. Locke Lamora