Finding a job is hard in today's tough economy... The only jobs available seem to either embarrass, bore or degrade your soul while paying next to nothing and offering no opportunity for advancement. Nobody wants that. Lucky for you, you're in luck!!!!!

For a limited time, the staff of Witipedia is currently offering an exciting position in a highly dynamic, portentous, up and coming industry. We are offering the chance of a lifetime, to start a career in the fast-paced, rewarding world of adventure.

You're role with us will be to manage the producers of Witipedia's carbon intake balance (Mmmmm) by preparing delicious and healthy meals.! You will ensure our needs as human beings are satisfyingly satiated so that we may better focus on making the world a better place! You will surely never be bored as you decisively handle all (show your dad how responsible you are!) of Witipedia's hygienic and needs on our never-ending quest to be more salubrious.

You're official title will be Bang-Maid and we promise you will be happier than you've ever been in your formerly dull insipid life!! Why should you sign up, besides the competitive pay (note: Extremely competitive), pleasurable working environment, and generous working conditions? The glory is its own reward.

Apply today, spaces are limited.

Job Qualifications: All may apply, but like any forward-thinking business we need good looking for specific, quality virtues favorable to success with our business. Ideally:

  • 18-24 year old
  • Hard working
  • Female. Or male with an open mind ;)
  • Dedicated
  • Educated (good brain a must)
  • Able and Healthy bodied
  • Most importantly a healthy willingness to do whatever we say for no pay