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What is Witipedia

About Us

How does it work

You submit your favourite quotes, expressions, and jokes to Witipedia and add videos, pictures, and music that demonstrate the quotes in a real world setting. You vote up on what you like and vote down on what you don't and what's good gets kept and promoted and what's bad doesn't. Simple!

What should I submit?

There are a million quotes sites. The difference is that Witipedia is for content that can be used in everyday, regular, normal, non-mental institution type conversation. The idea is to submit things that can be used by anybody. For instance:

Awesome: I am higher than kite
Giiiittttt Out: I am higher than that one time me and my homeboy ice-killa- dwayne smoked those drugs

Why should I submit?

To show the world how hilarious and creative you are you big silly turkey! And as an added incentive, you can link your submissions back to your blog / youtube channel / whatever else you kids use these days to drive your traffic up and help build your brand's buzz!

Can I upload videos of my dick / gross flabby vagina?

Of course! That's the beauty of free will. But unfortunately for you nobody wants to see your gross flabby dick / vagina that looks like a piece of old ham that got run over by a used 1991 vespa so we will be forced to take the video down.