About Us

What is Witipedia?

"Hey how ya doing? Good. Great. How 'bout this weather we're having? " Dull conversations drag on like nil-nil soccer matches and nobody wants to be a part of them. Every dialogue needs some spice, but it can be tough if you don't know the right things to say. You could always go on any one of the plethora of quote sites that currently exists and find the latest greatest Jean-Paul-Sartre quip that humorously mocks 20th century French post- colonial theory. People would really love that. Or you could go on Witipedia and discover some new bits that are actually relevant to every-day life and add to your social where-with-all and comedic repertoire.

Witipedia is a place for creative, like-minded bohemians to contribute their cleverest conversational quips. The key is they have to be good and they have to actually be useable in normal day to day human interaction. Transform your life today!

When asked the persistent "how ya doing today?", the dreary, monotonous, mollifying "pretty good" becomes:

When the pimply, pallid goon behind the cineplex counter redundantly asks if you'd like butter on your overpriced popcorn don't just say yes! You're the most advanced species on the planet for pete sake! A borderline savant like yourself can can (to the amusement of friends and reverent on-lookers) jovially retort with:

When your noticeably aging girlfriend nags you on to go play bridge with her mother this weekend (you can watch football any day!!) all you need to tell her is:

  • I would rather be given a blonde wig and thrown in the showers at Rutgers!
  • I would rather get a prostate exam from Freddy Kreuger!
  • I would rather strain my pasta through my dad's dirty underwear! Stop having boring exchanges, pull up those panties, unleash your inner poet enrapture the masses by adding a dash of Wit into your life